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Based on the distance education, seize historical opportunity, implementation spans type develops -- the development road of China Central Radio and TV University Press

The Open University of China press was founded in 1982 October, is one by the Ministry of education, The Open University of China sponsored a comprehensive university press. Built in 30 years, the Central Radio and TV University Press always adhere to serving the people and socialism, published guidelines, adhere to the teaching and scientific research to do community service purposes, closely around the TV university education reform and development, ceaseless exploration suits oneself characteristic road of development, and gradually formed a service for Open Education of TV University, long-distance service education service occupation service, education, lifelong learning and development pattern, scope of business covers books and electronic publishing, training, resources, services and logistics and distribution. Service ability and synthesis strength with the vigorous development of TVU Education and strengthening. Now, the Central Radio and TV University Press has a staff of more than 230 people, with annual published nearly a thousand kinds of electronic publications, published about 2000000, year 420000000 yuan of the scale issue code.

Make concerted efforts, carve, in order to improve the cultural quality of the whole nation and for the country to cultivate large number of specialized talents to make positive contribution

The Central Radio and TV University Press in order to adapt to the National Radio and television education and career development needs of the. Built at the beginning of, press only a dozen employees, two or three office, rely on loan to 50000 yuan of build up, the office also after many move, until 2003 when they have their own independent office building. From 1983 to 1998, more than 10 years, the Central TV university press tightly around the TV university needs, relying on the school, facing the country, rely on a famous expert, scholar of the youth in composition author team, published a large number of multidisciplinary university college level textbooks and teaching reference books, borrow over TV textbook history, to meet the needs of teachers and students in TV University TVU education, to ensure the smooth development of national culture, as a large number of specialized talents to make positive contribution, but also for the future of TV University in the practice of forming characteristics and brand laid a solid foundation.

However, the results obtained, is surmounted on the lack of personnel, office condition is poor, backward technology, social services, lack of teaching materials published by task and many other difficulties the implementation below the circumstance, not only embodies the press all the cadres and workers of the hard work, more should be attributed to the school leadership and school staff support and enthusiasm to help. Review of the development history of TV University Press, many of the old electric adults never forget to press book experience. Can say, the creation and development of radio and TV University Press is the result of joint efforts of all my colleagues.

Seize the historic opportunity of the pilot project of open education, accelerate the pace of innovation in publication, implementation spans type develops

On 1999, the Central Radio and TV University to carry out "the talent training mode reform and open education pilot project, " the level, form and teaching mode have been further enriched. To coordinate the central RTVU pilot projects carried out smoothly, I clubs to " the pilot project of open education " professional teaching materials to increase the investment of each respect, at the same time, also in the textbook publishing work to quicken the pace of innovation. Pay attention to absorbing advanced modern distance education theory for teaching resource construction, make teaching content and arrangement system and personnel training goal to adapt, "guidance ", " outstanding student " role; pay attention to a variety of media resources, overall planning and coordination use, fully embodies the open distance education. In addition, in teaching material varieties, I clubs from publishing a single RTVU Teaching Materials, to the development of RTVU undergraduate, specialist publication of each administrative levels, each major of open education teaching materials and college, secondary school, " registered open learning students " teaching material; teaching form by a single printed materials development to electronic teaching materials, teaching materials, network courseware course packet types to expand. From the beginning of 1998, I began to invest in research and development of electronic publications and the publishing work. Publication of electronic publications, a total of more than 300. Among them, " pathology of aid and self testing courseware " won the first national electronic publication Award nomination Award ", Chinese legal history study and self testing practice " won the third national electronic publication Award nominations, " fluid drive experiment " by the Ministry of education of outstanding engineering and synthesis of CAI two first prize, " applied mechanics simulation experiment " by the Ministry of education the audio-visual do " 99 the multimedia educational software contest " rating of two prize etc.. Can say, after 8 years of pilot, the Central Radio and TV university formed a team with high quality and unique professional teaching system.

Insisting on characteristic at the same time, University Press actively promote distance education teaching theory and practice innovation. For the establishment of a special fund, give aid to distance education academic publishing. Since 1999, published more than 100 distance education monographs, translations, essays, for Chinas education reform and development to make its due contribution to. Distance education research publication and promotion to further stimulate the Central TV University, local TVU Distance Education Theory and practice study enthusiasm, thus contribute to our country open distance education to enter the path of benign development.

At the same time, the Central Radio and TV University Press and actively adapt to market economy under the conditions of publishing industry development characteristics, begin to adjust publishing strategy, put forward " published teaching material, develop the adult education teaching material, unified planning " the main job train of thought, have the development of the adult education, continuing education, occupation education regarding the selection of books, and have achieved fruitful results. As is the case with the Ministry of labor and social security occupation skill appraisal center cooperative publishing more types of occupation skill appraisal textbook series, published books and more than 140 varieties; and the Beijing Federation of trade unions of cooperative publishing capital staff quality education series; and the Ministry of education examination center of publication in co-operation with upgraded, a high starting point examination reference book; and Health Department of publication in co-operation with general practitioners training series, etc.. University Press of the product line has since been extended.

After entering the new century, is to seize the historic opportunity of the pilot project of open education, accelerate the pace of innovation in the publication, publishing house of radio and TV University comprehensive strength obtained the swift and violent development, social benefits and economic benefits rise substantially, came true to span type develops. In more than 100 University Press, University Press of the comprehensive strength of the forefront.

To reform as an opportunity, strengthen self-construction, strengthen the power of enterprise development; layout, to lead the company to a higher goal

In 2003 the country starting culture system reform, the Central Radio and TV University Press learn seriously grasp the development trend of Chinese publishing industry, actively carry out the transformation of the preparatory work, and become the first batch of national system transformation of publishing unit. In 2007 October, the Central Radio and TV University Press established a new leadership team. The new group since its establishment, has further increased the strength of reform pilot. On one hand, continue to reform the management system, improve the enterprise each regulations system, speed up the informatization construction, gradually realize the standardization of data, process automation and intelligent decision, implementation of business management from extensive model to intensive span; on the other hand, continuous innovation operation mechanism, through introducing market mechanism, cooperation mechanism to promote the enterprises to actively participate in market competition, training and cultivation of the staff in the face of market competition ability. At the same time, University Press is gradually building a suit with market mechanism photograph employment system and distribution system, and strive to achieve open, fair, transparent, incentive mechanism, monitoring and evaluation system of scientific, reasonable, effective.

The new group since its establishment, in the face of national vigorously promote the development and prosperity of culture historical opportunity, face the nation and constructing learning society and lifelong education system is the historical opportunity, facing the Central TV University to build a world-class Open University and lifelong learning platform this historic opportunity, also facing increasingly fierce competition in the market challenges, based on the the advantage of oneself and characteristic, make the development of a new era of strategic layout.

University Press five years into the future development orientation is: Based on the distance education in RTVU education, service as the prerequisite, expand the occupation education and adult education, for the construction of lifelong learning system and learning society to provide a wide variety, excellent quality for autonomous learning, learning resources.

University Press five years into the future development goal is to: build remote education publishing industrys flagship enterprise, become adult education, occupation education publishing industry well-known enterprises, construction services in lifelong education, learning society learning resource platform.

Further, efforts should be made to build university press:

·education learning resources production and processing base

And distance education academic exchange base

·public services in education, lifelong education, learning resources and development base

, integration, utilization of social quality education resources cooperative publishing base

And meet the social readers diversified cultural products demand service base

·modern logistics base

The adjustment of business layout aggrandizement connotation development, will continue to adhere to the professional and the characteristic road, to further accelerate the pace of innovation idea innovation and technology. Active development of digital publishing and web publishing, using the national resource center of the platform, to explore digital publishing business, construction of digital publishing platform, make university press from resource providers to integrated service provider changes, leading to the formation of the new service system and new economic point of growth. In addition, to carry out various forms of publication, service, management, training and other operations. In order to migrant workers training as the breakthrough point, and gradually explore the occupation training ( enterprise ) operation mechanism and mode of training, to drive the product development, product development to promote job training.

In order to achieve the above objectives, the Central Radio and TV University Press in internal restructuring and relevant system construction respect to undertake bold attempt, and the construction of a high-quality innovative planning ability of the editorial team and a high level of publishing management team as an important development strategy of the enterprise.

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